Mini Auray Punt

In 1912 Claud Worth took measurements from a punt he saw local fishermen using on the Atlantic coast in Auray, France. Philip Bolger later adapted these mesurements for plywood in his book "Boats with an Open Mind", creating a 9'9" x 4'2" plywood punt. "Small Boat Journal" published a 10' version of the "Auray punt" in number 25, July 1982.

This is a miniature version of the same punt, adjusted to be made of one and a half sheets of plywood. Or two boats out of three sheets. As it happens, the boat scales down very nicely. The overall shape is conserved beautifully.

The "Mini Auray" measures 7'6" x 4' and fulfills my "minimum boat requirements" presented in the "Simple Dinghy" section. Well, maybe not the sharp bow requirement. She displaces about 1200 lbs just before flooding. At 250 lbs displacement, that is, one person, her freeboard is 10". The freeboard is 6" at 570 lbs displacement.

See also the "Micro Auray", a one sheet Auray punt.

Here is the "Mini Auray" .hul file for those interested.

To construct just one punt cut the plywood like this.

For a twin punt construction project this is the cut pattern.

Measurements for individual hull parts are given in the following drawings.

In the finished boat the sculling seat rear edge (closer to stern) will be directly below the "A" mark.

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