Mini Auray Gallery

This is probably not what you had in mind when you designed this little boat.
(Open ocean fishing with a 2hp outboard on it, net setting and long lining)

This will be it's 3rd season at the hands of some of the most destructive children I have ever met ( two of them are mine) and apart from a couple of cracks about the seat where it was dropped 10 feet onto a concrete floor whilst getting put away for the winter it has survived remarkably well.

Thanks for the plans our family has really appreciated this little boat and hope to for many more summers to come.


New Zealand

Loved your web site. The last boat I built was 40 years ago with my uncle. I was the extra hands, sander, and most of all the "gofer". Enclosed are pictures of my progress. I made changes on the way by putting floatation under the conventional seats and forward deck, Gunwale battens, unconventional seating, deck trim and oars are mahogany. I sealed with three coats of white colored epoxy. Yes, over kill, just my nature. The wine is ready and now waiting for spring, six inches of snow today, she not an ice breaker. Total weight 43 lb and will be used as a tender for a Macgregor 26m purchased in the future.

Thanks Again
Rich Meservey

I just want to thank you for the excellent boat designs and information available on your website. I have been referring to it for the past year or so and have built the Portuguese dingy and the Mini Auray punt shown in the photo below. I receive a lot of interest every time I take the boats out and have referred a number of people to your web site.

I used the Portugese dingy all last summer as the dingy for our sailboat, and it was just great. It towed perfectly behind our sailboat, rowed well, could carry three people, and held up well to heavy use. The photo shows me rowing my grandson and daughter in law to our sailboat.

I volunteer at a boy scout camp in the summers and I'm sure the boys will enjoy rowing the punt.

I look forward to building the ten and a half or twelve foot skiff you recently added to the site. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Best Regards

Frenchtown, Montana USA

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