Dinghy -57

I found the frame drawings of this dinghy in a book published in 1957, that's why "Dinghy -57". This is an adaptation of those drawings to stich and glue construction.

The "Dinghy -57" measures 7'10" x 3'4" and barely fulfills my "minimum boat requirements" presented in the "Simple Dinghy" section. She displaces about 1100 lbs just before flooding. At 250 lbs displacement, that is, one person, her freeboard is 9". The freeboard is 6" at 480 lbs displacement. The original drawing says "she carries two adults or three children".

Here is the "Dinghy -57" .hul file for those interested.

For a twin construction project this is the cut pattern. For a single dinghy, just leave out the parts You don't need.

Measurements for individual hull parts are given in the following drawings.

In the finished boat the sculling seat rear edge (closer to stern) will be directly below the "A" mark.

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