Nautical and Boatbuilding page
You'll find "everything" here.
Carlson Design
The source of the excellent
shareware "Hull Designer" software
used in all designs on these pages.
Duckworks Magazine
Simplicity Boats
Free Boat Design Resources
... four good sources of free designs.
Boat Design Net
A large boat design directory.
Other interesting links
Links that I've found interesting for one reason.
Or another :-)
53 Types of Boats and Ships Illustrated to Scale
Accounting and tax services for yacht crews
"Architectura Navalis Mercatoria” - Henrik af Chapman
Area Rule
Atkin & Co. Boatplans
Atkinsopht Rowing Computer Research
Baker Boat Works
Baltic Yachts
Björn Thomasson Design
Båtritningar av Bertil Andersson
Canoe and Boatbuilding for Amateurs - W. P. Stephens
Canoeing, Sailing and Motor Boating - Warren H. Miller
Craig O'D's Cheap Pages
Dixon Kemp's Yachting Dictionary
Dugout of Aspen - Old film
The Elements and Practice of Rigging And Seamanship - David Steel, 1794
Elliott Bay Steam Launch Co.
Epoxy User Guides
FAO: 2 V-bottom Boats of Planked and Plywood Construction
FAO: Building a Ferrocement Fishing Boat
FAO: Building a Fiberglass Fishing Boat
FAO: How to Build a Timber Outrigger Canoe
FAO: Manual of artisanal boatbuilding - French/English
FAO: Nepal Boat Building Programme
FAO: The BOB Drive
Glen-L Marine Designs
Grapeview Point Boat Works
Grapeview Point Boat Works - Building a glued lapstrake boat
Guillemot Kayaks
History of Sea Navigation Before the GPS
Hull Speed - a New Look at
Japanese traditional wooden boat building
JEM Watercradt
Jerry's Stationary Steam Engines
Lehtoniemi Works Boat Drawings 1889-1928
Low Drag Rowing Shells
Maritime History Virtual Archives
Maritime Museum, Stockholm
Mother of all Maritime Links
New Wave Systems - ProChine
Ocean Rowing Society
One Ocean Wooden Kayaks
Optimist Dinghy Plans
Optimist Dinghy Association
Optimist Dinghy Rules
Orlogsbasen - Database of drawings of historical naval vessels
Paradise Cay Publications - Sailing and Boatbuilding Books
Paul Gartside Ltd. Boatbuilding
Physics of Rowing
Practical Sailor - Sailing Talks Forum
Sail the Net - Marine Directory etc.
Sea history, especially for the kids
Selway Fisher Design
Sewn Boats
A simple lug rig
Svenson's Free Boat Plans from Old Magazines
Textbooks of Seamanship etc.
Tim Anderson - Plans for Outriggers etc.
Timeline of Ships, Boats and Yachts
Trampofoil :-)
Vietnam Wooden Boat Foundation
Viking ship - a different one :-)
Viking Ship Construction Manual
Whitehall plans
Wood Handbook
Wood Stabilization
Woodenboat New Zealand
Yahoo Boatdesign Group
Yuloh - the Chinese "oar"

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