Why boating?

The world is full of wonderful miracles and treasures. None of which You'll see if You just lie on Your sofa.
Many of them You will see, if You walk the dry land.
But the greatest ones always seem to be behind open water.

This is how it goes...

Hey, what's that?

"Mossala fjärden" ("Mossala opening") (N 60 18, E 21 23). But it certainly looks like a crater.

But it's not on the map of known impact craters. It would be east form number 1, Lumparn, about half way to the continent. Nor is it on the list of possible craters.

Let's go see what it looks like!

It's about 35 km west from where I have a boat. So towards west then.

September 6th, and the sea is like a mirror.

Yes, it looks like a complex crater with a rim diameter of about 6 km.

But is it an impact crater or a volcanic one? Or not a crater at all? Is it all work of giants?

It is definitely of volcanic origin. Some 1800 millions of years of age. I asked a professor of geology, and he kindly told me this.

The fairway enters the crater from east. A small fractured rocky island at the "grey spot".

Now at the "red spot". Is the whole rock tattooed?

No, it's just the stone demons dancing frantically.

They dance all over the place.

Something has twisted and tortured...

...and broken the rock.

And it seems to have flown.

A great slab across the flow.

The giants have scribbled their initals on the rock?

Breccia by the waterline?

Approaching the "green spot". The layers of rock point directly upwards.

Black melt dikes at the "blue spot"?

The name "Mossala" is said to come from "Musta salo", "A black forested island". With the idea, that the forest is dark, "black".

But what if the "black" comes from the rock? Black rock is not too common in this archipelago.

At the "violet spot", "Fjärdskär" ("Islet in the opening", very original.), a lot of ash trees. Those are not so common here, as far as I've seen.

If I didn't know there are no black diamonds...

More rocks at the spot.

A giant's turd?

That's enough for now. There's still a lot to explore. For instance, "Vitskär" ("White islet") on the west side is just that! From a distance it looks like a capsized white ship. I have to see that one day!

But there's more. Take a look at the left hand side upper corner of the first chart!

Another one! "Åva" (N 60 29, E 21 02).

"Åva" is on the list of discredited craters, with a note "Volcanic intrusion".

But hey, that sounds interesting! I want to see!

This one might also be worth a visit. "Laisaarenaukko" ("Lai island opening") (N 60 25, E 21 42). Diameter about 2 km.

Alas, I took just that fairway in June, but didn't have this point of view.

There's adventure wherever You look...

That's why boating!

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