The attitude towards wooden boats is often almost superstitious. As if the behaviour and use of wooden boats were some sort of magic, that can be exercised only by the chosen ones.

It ain't like that! A wooden boat is based on biology, chemistry and physics, just as anything else in the nature.

Event the beauty of a wooden boat is hardly magic. Human beings are used to seeing curves created by nature as "beautiful". Wood curves in a natural way. Curves of a wooden boat mainly come from the way wood curves naturally, that's why those curves are beautiful.

Other types of boats get their shape from lines drawn by designers. It is rather easy to draw ugly lines.

Of course there can be ugliness on a wooden boat, but usually it is the horrible, out-of-proportions cabin, not the hull itself.

Grasping the understanding of a few basic facts opens the understanding to wooden boats. Before these facts are clear, it's not worth starting to build a single wooden boat.

So let's see...

What is a "wooden boat"?
Structure of wood
Moisture behaviour of wood
Why does a wooden boat leak?
Surface treatment of a wooden boat
The "correct" construction of a wooden boat

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