Mini Ekstock

Eller skulle man kalla henne "Ekklabb"?

The great ”Architectura Navalis Mercatoria” by Fredrik Henrik af Chapman was published in 1768.

The humblest boat in the collection is definitely boat number 11 on plate 48, the "Ekstock". This boat is also the only one with a flat bottom, flat sides and flat transoms. "Ekstock" is Swedish for "punt", literally "oak log". So the boat is a traditional Scandinavian punt.

The punt is long, some 17'8" and rather narrow, 4'2". Here's a .hul file for the original Chapman "Ekstock".

How about scaling her down a bit? Scaling the length to about half of the original, and at the same time reducing rocker by about two inches produces a nice dinghy or tender. The scaled down miniature version can be made of one and a half sheets of plywood. Or two punts out of three sheets.

The "Mini Ekstock" measures 7'6" x 4' and fulfills my "minimum boat requirements" presented in the "Simple Dinghy" section, except the sharp bow requirement. Well, I'll use her for mud transport ;-) She displaces about 1250 lbs just before flooding. At 250 lbs displacement, that is, one person, the freeboard is 10". The freeboard is 6" at 580 lbs displacement.

Here is the .hul file for this punt.

To construct just one punt cut the plywood like this.

For a twin punt construction project this is the cut pattern.

Measurements for individual hull parts are given in the following drawings.

In the finished boat the sculling seat rear edge (closer to stern) will be directly below the "A" mark.

The photos are from John Cutter's Ekstock page.

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